I realize that very few of my followers will actually read the post that I’m about to write, and that’s okay. I also realize that only about 5% of my followers are active, and that’s also okay. What I’m about to write I write only because I feel like we’ve hit a wall right now… and I’m following the advice of many of my followers after a post I made earlier.

Her and I decided to get married young because we didn’t want to spend the next 4 years of college and graduate school as a dating couple when we felt married already. We wanted to share in the connection that we had together and live it to its fullest. Yet, we hadn’t counted on the fact that we were starting this life together while both being fulltime students. For whatever reason, we believed that this could be done… that we could make it through all the bills, the payments, the crazy school loans, and the incredibly high (and always increasing) cost of living. Sadly, it turns out that we weren’t as correct as we had thought. For something that keeps me up nearly every night, we’re getting by on loans and credit cards. I realize the ramifications of this, and if we both weren’t going into jobs that are essentially guaranteed to get jobs right out of school, I would worry more about it. Because what can we really do?

As some of you may have read, in an attempt to just get by, I decided to sell my iPad as it was the first and most expensive on the list of things that I didn’t need. Though I absolutely love it and use it each and every day for work, play, and school; it wasn’t essential. - While meeting a buyer today in a very well populated nicer apartment complex office area, the buyer examined the item and then dashed away with it right in front of me. Though I chased him, he knew the area and jumped fences and managed to get away. - I can’t describe to you the feeling of knowing that the only source of income you had to get by for the summer was just stolen out of under you. - It would have been bad enough if it was just my luxury item that had been stolen; but instead it was our security. — I called the police and although they have the serial number, they said not to expect it to turn up just because they have so many of these thefts that they really can’t devote a lot to any one theft.

So we’re left out on a limb with not much to go on. We may have to sell my car or our TV… not sure yet… but I know that somehow, some way; we will make it. - As I wrote in the post last night, our love is strong enough to make it through anything. Although I had meant fights and arguments when I wrote that, I truly believe that it can make it through even this; this financial nightmare.

As much as I hate to try it though, many of my followers suggested that I put a donation button on my page, because, as one person said, if 1% of my followers donated even a dollar, we would have enough to get by till She gets a job again. - I personally hate even allowing donations from friends, let alone strangers… but as another amazing follow put it; my followers aren’t really strangers. The support I’ve received from everyone has been so incredible over the years…. and so why deny that same support now when we need it most?

I’m not asking that you donate a lot or even anything; but if you have a pressing urge to get rid of that spare change or what not, I figure I’ll provide the link.just in case. — Whether or not anyone donates, I still want to say Thank You to each and every one of my amazing followers for always being there for me, always helping us make it through and supporting us; you are incredible. You mean more than you realize~

P@ypal won’t let us have a link to their donation button on hers or my blog because we have adult content, so we’ve taken the advice of several followers and created a separate tumblr just for support. To make a donation of any amount to JustHerGuy and JustHisGirl, visit the link below to be taken directly to another Tumblr with our donation page. And as always, ~Never Forget~




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