PLEASE READ: Traditionally, I have always posted my journal posts on this blog. About 75% of my journal posts will still post on this blog. To read the archives (the very beginning all the way up through Today), Click Here

For privacy reasons, I’ve split PART of my personal journal into a different blog. The reason for this is because I am sharing incredibly deep things about us and about our lives… and I can’t take the chance that anybody we know follows my main blog.

If you want to follow my personal blog, you are MORE than welcome to do so. As a “privacy” measure, the only way that I’m giving out my personal journal blog is through my JustHerGuy facebook page. If you would like to follow my journal blog, simply message JustHerGuy on facebook (by clicking the link below) and just let me know that you would like to follow my personal journal blog in the message. The reason for this is that just by looking at your name and picture, I can verify that I don’t know you. If I never respond…. I might know you. If I don’t know you, I’ll respond with my personal URL and the password to the blog.


A slight modification to this system: I need to be able to cross-check your friends list against mine for mutual friends. If I can’t see your friends list, I can’t share my URL. If you’re a privacy freak then only make your friends list public for a little while, then undo it after you get my URL. Here’s a link on how to make Just your friends list public:

As long as I can see your friends list, you should get my URL shortly after you request it :)