Updated 03/26/13

Below is a list of my top favorite blogs on tumblr. You can most certainly choose to believe that I don’t order them in order from favorite to least favorite if you want… whatever makes you sleep better at night ;)

  1. Raw-sensual-passion - One of the few favorites that I discovered on my own… always knowing what to say when I need to hear it, and being more awesome than I thought possible, I definitely know my blog wouldn’t be the same without her.
  2. Saveme-amazeme - Probably have got more pictures from her blog than most any other. Definitely deserves a spot in the top two of my favorites. Altogether an incredible blog and I know my tumblr wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t found her.
  3. Ryleyaddison - Probably one of the best eyes for true passion and characteristics that make up an incredible photo that I’ve ever seen…. awesome. {LEGACY} - I found this blog back in late 2010 and have followed faithfully ever since. Though the posts are not frequent, when she does post, they blow my mind.
  4. Whenlovetakes-over - I’ve been following her since the very beginning and she really makes my day with a lot of her posts ^^ - She posts the same kind of stuff as I do… and I was honored when she started following me. All around an awesome blog! {LEGACY} - I have been following her since only a month or two after I created my blog. Have had a couple of conversations with her over the years, and I have to admit that I would really miss her if she stopped posting. Very few blogs actually stick around and post faithfully through the years, and she is one of the few that has.
  5. Xomyheartisyours - Through good and bad… I’ve been following her since the very beginning. She fuels many of my awesome posts and my dashboard wouldn’t be the same without her. {LEGACY} - I think that she was one of the very first blogs that I followed on tumblr… and she has to be one of the only ones that has stayed as active as I’ve tried to stay over the nearly three years that I’ve had my blog. 
  6. Submissivelove {NO LONGER ACTIVE} - A range of awesome pictures… cute stuff :)
  7. Thisisaflirt {NO LONGER ACTIVE} - Though not really active anymore… how can I not have one of the first blogs I ever followed on my favorites?
  8. Exellency {NO LONGER ACTIVE} - Having some of the most amazing pictures and being an incredible friend are two traits that make Her totally worth following~
  9. Sexy-yetclassy {NO LONGER ACTIVE} - Definitely lives up to her URL with the typs of pictures she posts. Always gives me a fresh perspective on life while maintaining the same quality in her photos that I try to uphold in mine. ^^

So yes there are only eight for now… I am very particular in the blogs I follow and as of right now I have less than 75.