Just Her Guy               Just Her Guy
On Sunday, August 1, 2010, I got this brilliant idea to look up my girlfriend’s Tumblr account. I knew she had one, I just had to find out what it was. My search led me to Her blog, which I was happy to find was titled “Just His Girl”. That made me feel kinda special in a way, and so I thought I would create a little blog of my own that I could perhaps use to express everything I was feeling towards her that I’d been keeping bottled up inside.

Just Her GuyI created a blog with a similar name to Hers, and decided to see where I went with it. If you check out the archive (via the pages button at the bottom of my blog), you can see that I successfully blogged pictures, quotes, videos, and anything else I could find that expressed in any way exactly what I felt for Her. What started off as a little way for me to share with me and Only me my feelings for the love of my life, quickly became a really great idea for a wedding gift. Over the next 10 months, we saw our fair share of trials and struggles, but we also saw the most amazing times together. We were engaged, and this blog followed our lives every step of the way until our wedding day in July of 2011. I wrote about that day, and I chose to keep up the Tumblr, not necessarily posting daily… but still recording our lives for Us and Us alone.

The one thing I never anticipated was having followers. Although this blog wasn’t designed for this reason, I’m comfortable inviting those of you who so wish to share in our life, to do so. Just know that this blog is NOT about posting to what people like, and it’s NOT about becoming more popular on Tumblr. It has, and always will be, the simplest and purest expression of exactly what my heart feels for the love of my life. Nothing more, nothing less.

You may see cute pictures, sexual pictures, and even random posts about our Christianity. I also do not post any personal information about us, including pictures, names and locations. If any of these things alarm you, I remind you that you don’t have to follow. Just understand that this is Our life, and we will Not change it just because others might have a problem with the way we live it. – That said, enjoy checking through the many different pages and sections of my blog, and if you should feel so adventurous, you might check out Hers too at justhisgirl.tumblr.com